Adventure Log

Returning Home(S1)

RL Date: Jan,29,2012
Game Date: 20th Day of Eyre(apr) 212 SD

Liam Du,Kott Lord of House Du,Kott has decided that it is time to return home after being taken away as a baby from the EasternLands 20 years ago. At which time a war between the Imperial House’s destroyed House Du,Kott. As the only remaining member of his house its time to discover the History and the Future of his House.

His companions:

The Elven Advisor Caladril who had brought the baby Liam and 2 Half-orc children to Sky days after the fall of House Du,Kott.

Liam’s two Protectors Blue Righten and Dolph Leften The Orcish Brothers that came with Liam as a Baby.

and of course the house cook Magie and her husband the Jake cartdriver.



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